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FAQ » Rumble in the Jungle


So what's this all about then?

Rumble in the Jungle is a Drum and Bass DJ competition. It's not a technical DJing battle, though being technically proficient will help you.

Does it have to be Drum and Bass?

Basically...Yes. Playing other genres in your set to add a litle spice and originality will not be frowned upon whatsoever, but at the end of your set, the judges and the crowds have to come away thinking you played a Drum and Bass set.

What about Jungle? It's in the name of the comp..?

Of course a set of Jungle is permitted.

I'm a beat juggler/scratcher/DMC type DJ, would a set of DnB played like that suit?

Using those elements within your set is always encouraged. But the sets are longer than your standard DMC comp and a whole set of just those skills, without any rollout and ability for judges to critique your selection and flow, would not help progress you very far.

How can I keep informed about the comp?

Keep an eye on this website, but otherwise, I would strongly recommend Liking the competition page on facebook.
Rumble Facebook Page
Also, keen an eye on the forums.

How do I enter?

To enter Rumble in the Jungle you need to submit info about yourself and submit a mix, that is then selected for the regionals limited spots.
You can only enter Rumble in the Jungle online.

->Online entry is here.<-

How long should my entry mix be?

Please make it 20-40 mins long.

How can I upload the mix online?

There is no official upload section, all you need to do is provide me with a link to your mix, either through dropbox, or if you know how, you're welcome to host it yourself.
To get your mix online, this year you will need to use Dropbox. - go here to register or login
For help sharing your mix via dropbox, go here

If you do not have the mix ready when you enter, that is fine. Just enter, and you will be sent instructions how to link the mix to us.
Once the mix is uploaded somewhere and you have entered, you can go here to submit the mix link.

What format should the mix be?

It has to be MP3 or ogg vorbis at 128kbs or above quality. Not WAV! WAV submissions will be ignored.

I got through to the regional/final last year, do I have to send a mix still?

Yes, it would be unfair to always take people that have entered successfully previously.

Can I deliver the mix to you in person on memory stick or CD?

No sorry.

How are the Mixes selected down to the 10 entrants at each regional?

A group of DJs are given the mixes that are anonymous.
They then rate them on the best to worst and the top 10 from each region get selected.
As there is a large volume of music to listen to, the judging system is kept simple.

You start with 75 percent.
The judges notices a mistake (poor beat matching, key clashes, wrong loops) or something generally wrong with the mix (poor flow, poor tune selection, its house music), then your percentage will drop.
If the judge notices something special (original mix, awesome beatmatching, generally what makes good dnb mixes good) then they add percentage points.

When do entries close?

At 5pm sharp on Friday the 4th of July.

When will I know if I made it into the regional?

About a week after the entries close, so approx the 11th of July.

What equipment are we using to mix on at the event?

There will be 2x Technics 1200s (at least mk2s), 3x Pioneer CDJ2000s, feeding into a 4 channel mixer. Each regional will more than likely have a different mixer.
You will be informed of what the mixer is well before the event. You also have the opportunity to use Serato Scratch Live or Traktor should you own it. You will need to inform us of that. You are recommended to bring your own headshells/carts along, but there will be some provided.

Will there be an MC / Can I have an MC?

The only MC around will be the host MC, introducing you and making sure people don't get bored inbetween sets. You are not allowed to have an MC over your set, however, you can MC your own set should you want to.

How does the competition on the night run?

There are only TWO rounds. The first round is 15 minutes long. You are judged on your mix, and then the top 3 DJs will be selected.
The last round is 20 mins.

If I get top two in the regional, do I have to pay my own way to the final?

Travel will be paid for. Accomodation isn't I'm afraid.

If I win, when do I get the prizes?

Some are given to you on the night, others will have to be sent do you. The Mixer is large and you aren't expected to take that with you, so it will be sent.