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History » Rumble in the Jungle

Running since 2002, Rumble in the Jungle was the brainchild of Stace and Flex from Redline Promotions.


Started with the very premise in which RITJ runs under today, the competition was created to give up and comers a way to get their talent out to the punters and promoters alike, while having a good time along the way.


Entertaining crowds with sick tunes, precision technicallity and devastating drops, the competition has gone from strength to strength each year.


Now into its 11th year, RITJ has seen its fair share of success stories.


Check out the results from previous RITJ Competitions.


Winner - DJ Static (Rhys Grosvenor)
Runner Up - Yanik (Yannick Weastell)

Click here for full 2012 Results and competitors info


Winner - Titts Magee (Chris Young)
Runner Up - Yanik (Yannick Weastell)

Click here for full 2010 Results and competitors info


Winner - Maddix (Max Smith)
Runner Up - Keel (Kiel Herzog)

Click here for full 2009 Results and competitors info


Winner - Import (John Chea)
Runner Up - Static (Rhys Grosvenor)

Click here for full 2008 Results and competitors info


Winner - JMC (Josh McEntee)
Runner Up - Static (Rhys Grosvenor)

Click here for full 2007 Results and competitors info


Winner - Mr Smith (Cole Smith)
Runner Up - Funkshun (Rommell Lajom)

Click here for full 2006 results and competitors info


Winner - Flex (Jacob Webster)
Runner Up - Cable (Matt Harris)

Click here for full 2005 results and competitors info


Winner - Opuio
Runner Up - Trei (Trevor Linnel)

Click here for full 2004 results and competitors info 


Winner - Lenny Keys (Steve Wells)
Runner Up - Basix

Click here for full 2003 results and competitors info 


Winner - Subtrak (David Wood)
Runner Up - Flex (Jacob Webster)

Click here for full 2002 results and competitors info